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  1. G-Chrono
    Two-Tone, 44mm, Chronograph
  2. Deco XL Two-Tone Diamond
    Two-Tone, 33mm x 46mm, Chronograph
  3. Sidney Two-Tone Classic
    Two-Tone, 33mm, Diamonds
  4. Deco Diamond Two-Tone Rose Gold
    Two-Tone, 33mm x 35mm, Chronograph
  5. Deco Mid Two-Tone with Diamond Dial
    Two-Tone, 29mm x 31mm, Small seconds
  6. Deco Two-Tone Diamond with Diamond Dial
    Two-Tone, 33mm x 35mm, Chronograph
  7. Deco Two-Tone Sport
    Two-Tone, 34mm x 36mm, Date