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MICHELE creates watches influenced by individuality, self expression and elevated style and connects women with pieces that reflect their beauty and celebrate milestone moments.

There are 46 timepieces in this category

  1. Deco Mid Two-Tone with Diamond Dial
    Two-Tone, 29mm x 31mm, Small seconds
  2. Serein Mid with Diamond Dial
    Stainless Steel, 36mm x 34mm, Date
  3. Deco Mid Two-Tone
    Two-Tone, 29mm x 31mm, Small seconds
  4. Deco Madison Mid Diamond
    Stainless Steel, 29mm x 31mm, Date
  5. Deco Madison Diamond
    Stainless Steel, 33mm x 35mm, Date
  6. Sidney Diamond
    Stainless Steel, 38mm, Chronograph
  7. Deco Mid II Diamond
    Stainless Steel, 26.5mm x 29mm, Quartz
  8. Deco Madison Two-Tone
    Two-Tone, 33mm x 35mm, Date
  9. Deco II Mid Diamond Two-Tone
    Two-Tone, 26mm x 27.5mm, Quartz