Gucci Timepieces - More Than 40 Years of Watchmaking

In 1972, Gucci became one of the first fashion Houses to branch into timepieces, creating successful, iconic models that combined contemporary spirit and tradition, innovation and craftsmanship, fashion and elegance.

There are 13 timepieces in this category

  1. Gucci Dive
    Gold-Tone, 45mm, Date indicator
  2. Interlocking
    Gold-Tone, 42mm, Quartz
  3. G-Frame
    Gold-Tone, 21mm x 34mm, Quartz
  4. Diamantissima
    Gold-Tone, 32mm, Quartz
  5. G-Timeless Signature
    Gold-Tone, 38mm, Quartz
  6. G-Timeless Signature
    Gold-Tone, 38mm, Quartz
  7. G-Timeless Iconic
    Gold-Tone, 38mm, Date indicator
  8. G-Timeless Iconic
    Gold-Tone, 27mm, Date indicator