A long standing partner of aviation, a field where reliability and precision play a vital role, Breitling has always devoted premier importance to the quality of its products.

There are 83 timepieces in this category

  1. Colt Automatic
    Stainless Steel, 44mm, Date
  2. Super Avenger II
    Stainless Steel, 48mm, Chronograph
  3. Navitimer 1 B04 Chronograph GMT
    Stainless Steel, 48mm, Chronograph
  4. Avenger Blackbird
    Titanium, 44mm, Date
  5. Cockpit B50
    Titanium, 46mm, Chronograph
  6. Avenger II GMT
    Stainless Steel, 43mm, Date
  7. Superocean II 42
    Stainless Steel, 42mm, Date
  8. Superocean Automatic
    Stainless Steel, 36mm, Chronometer
  9. Navitimer 1 Automatic
    Stainless Steel, 41mm, Chronometer
  10. Navitimer 1 B01 TWA Edition
    Stainless Steel, 43mm, Chronograph